Amazon’s new fees for 2023, what will this mean for Amazon Sellers?

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Amazon announced new fees effective January 17, 2023. Here's what this means for 3P Sellers:

Inflation Surcharge Permanent The new fees incorporate the 5% inflation surcharge announced in April 2022.

Increased push on optimal FC usage After closing down multiple FCs, it's clear that Amazon wants sellers to stop using FCs for storage.

  • Both off-peak and peak storage costs increased.
  • New storage utilization surcharges impact sellers who use a high volume of storage compared to their sales volume.
  • Additional surcharge for inventory stored between 272-265 days.
  • Aged inventory surcharge starts from 180 days itself.
  • Removals and liquidations fees doubled.
  • Restock and storage limits to continue driving more efficient use of storage and create more capacity for efficient sellers.

On the bright side Amazon is expanding its Small and Light program by opening all items priced up to $12. Amazon is also lowering fees for US FBA new selection program. Also, they announced no increases to referral fees.

Based on the new fees, it's clear that Amazon is continuing to push for more efficient use of FC storage. They want sellers to stop using FCs for storage purposes and are increasing fees to incentivize this change. It's essential for sellers to stay on top of their stock levels and sales volumes. Overall, these changes show that Amazon is continuing to focus on efficiency, which may push 3P Sellers to use in-house and other fulfillment options.

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