Enhance Your Amazon Seller Information with TrackSellers.com

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As a service provider in the Amazon seller ecosystem, you understand the importance of providing comprehensive and relevant information about Amazon sellers to your customers. While many platforms offer basic seller information, TrackSellers.com takes it a step further by providing a wealth of detailed data on millions of sellers across multiple marketplaces.

In this article, we'll discuss the value proposition of linking to TrackSellers.com for additional seller information and guide you through the process of creating links to our seller pages.

Why link to TrackSellers.com seller pages?

By linking to TrackSellers.com seller pages, you can provide your customers with:

  1. In-depth seller insights: TrackSellers.com offers comprehensive information on each seller, including business performance, ranking, reviews, history and Amazon metrics, giving your customers a complete understanding of their target sellers.
  2. Coverage across multiple marketplaces: Our platform supports 11 Amazon marketplaces, including the US, UK, DE, FR, ES, IN, IT, JP, CA, MX, and BR, ensuring your customers get relevant data for their target markets.
  3. Unique offerings: Enhance your platform's value proposition by providing additional seller intelligence. This extra layer of information will help your customers make more informed decisions and differentiate your services in the competitive marketplace.
  4. API integration: If you're looking to build custom views or incorporate comprehensive seller intelligence within your platform, TrackSellers.com offers API access, allowing you to seamlessly integrate our data into your existing systems.

How to create links to TrackSellers.com seller pages?

Creating links to TrackSellers.com seller pages is simple. Just follow the URL format outlined below:

  1. Prefix: https://www.tracksellers.com/sellers/
  2. 2-digit country code (e.g., us, uk, de, fr, es, in, it, jp, ca, mx, or br)
  3. Amazon Seller ID
  4. Optional seller name with hyphens instead of spaces (e.g., epfamily-direct)

For example, a sample URL for a US seller with Seller ID A1L7F5DL4H71TK and seller name EPFamily Direct would be: https://www.tracksellers.com/sellers/us/A1L7F5DL4H71TK/epfamily-direct

By incorporating TrackSellers.com seller page links into your platform, you'll provide your customers with access to valuable, in-depth information that can help them make informed decisions and grow their business. Start linking to TrackSellers.com today and elevate the value of the service you provide to your clients in the Amazon seller ecosystem.

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