MusicMagpie – Secondhand Tech Reseller Headed for IPO on AIM Exchange

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MusicMagpie, the online reseller that specializes in secondhand tech such as smartphones and games consoles, headed for a stock market flotation. MusicMagpie has been on a roll lately. The company capitalized on new business by going public with its IPO through London's AIM exchange; they are valued at £208 million and managed to raise more than £80million.

The company says that they make 54% of revenues from the resale of consumer technology, 38% from disc media such as CDs, and 7% from books. However, their business on Amazon is predominantly based on used media sales per

musicMagpie's Seller Profile on Amazon UK

musicMagpie's Seller Profile on Amazon US (Decluttr Store)

April 30
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