How to contact an Amazon seller?

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We get a lot of inquiries about how to contact a seller on Amazon. Some even fill out our contact form on our website, hoping to reach out to the seller. Amazon wants to minimize buyer-seller communication, making it hard to contact a seller. You can see the three to five step process outlined by Amazon to contact a seller below.

If you are an Amazon customer, the best way to contact a seller would be to go to the seller's storefront and click on the "Ask a Question" tab. Sellers are required to respond within 48 hours. However, do not use this form if you are a service provider or anyone else who wants to contact a seller for business-related questions or to introduce your service. However, if the seller specified a phone number or email address on the storefront, you can contact the seller using that information.

If you are a service provider, you first need to find out the right Amazon sellers who can benefit from your service. Use the Advanced Seller Search feature to filter sellers based on multiple criteria. Once you have the right sellers identified, you can download their business information and request contact information.

Depending on your campaign scale and goals, we can provide the qualified sellers' mailing addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers. Mailing address works best for large-scale direct mail campaigns to drive brand awareness and create inbound leads. Emails and phone numbers work best for personalized/targeted campaigns.

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