Pharmapacks, top seller on Amazon closing business

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Pharmapacks, a leading Amazon seller, began liquidating and recently announced laying off its employees and ceasing operations.

They have historically been chasing growth and possibly never profitable. Unlike the typical private label playbook of most successful Amazon sellers, Pharmapacks has always been a reseller of name brands with razor-thin or negative margins.

Like most other FBM sellers, Pharmapacks experienced a significant surge during the initial period of covid lockdown. They have capitalized on the trend to secure a $250 million investment from the Carlyle Group.

Monthly Reviews of Pharmapacks Packable

Packable, the parent company of Pharmapacks, announced its plans to merge with a SPAC in Sep 2021 and continued to push for aggressive growth. But the continued supply chain disruptions and inflationary pressures forced the company to call off its plans to go public and clearly decided to wind down its operations in Mar 2022, as evident in the monthly review history captured by

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