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April 14
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Amazon’s 2022 Shareholder Letter

Amazon's recent shareholder letter offers valuable insights into its present and future endeavors, as well as significant takeaways for sellers and brands. Here are some highlights that may be of

April 06
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The Implications of Amazon’s Decision to Close The Book Depository

Amazon has announced the closure of the Book Depository online shop, which was founded in 2004 and acquired by the retail giant in 2011. Vendors and publishing partners have been

August 27
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Pharmapacks, top seller on Amazon closing business

Pharmapacks, a leading Amazon seller, began liquidating and recently announced laying off its employees and ceasing operations. They have historically been chasing growth and possibly never profitable. Unlike the typical

May 07
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Decoding the Amazon Inflation Surcharge: Tips for Successful Management

Amazon recently announced that they will be implementing an inflation surcharge for sellers on their platform. This has caused a lot of confusion among Amazon sellers, so today, we will